Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe, bordering Russia to the north and east, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west and Lithuania and Latvia to the north. With a complex history and rich architecture, Belarus is a wonderful place to explore, no matter what time of year. With a heterogeneous geography and a passion for natural history and wildlife, Belarus would be the dream of outdoor enthusiasts. If this is your first visit to Belarus or it is a habit for you to come here, you can always explore many things it has to offer.


what to see: world heritage

From wooden churches of Palessie region to marvelous palaces of Italian architects. Expore TOP-10 sights of Belarus!


what to do: book a tour

To ride the biggest truck in the world, enjoy an aperitive onboard of a yacht or to immerse in Minsk insider places during a personal walking tour: find your ideal tour!


what to eat: authentic cuisine

Draniki, tsepeliny, kvas... If these dishes are still a mistery to you, it is high time to organize an gastronomic tour in Belarus!